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Custom Home Building: We take the time to sit down with you and design your house to fit the needs and wants for you and your family. We have our own in house personnel who can design and draw your dream home on a 1st time buyer’s budget. We do not pull out certain floor plans and say “choose one”.

Kitchen Remodels: The Kitchen, probably the most used room in your house and definitely the one room where you need and want functionality and beauty together. For the cook in your family, we can design a kitchen that would make HGTV proud to host their cooking shows in with a budget that won’t make you go bankrupt.

Interior/Exterior Painting: Picasso has nothing on the work that we will perform in or on your house. We bring the quality of painters to your home that will treat your home better then they treat their own. We can handle any style, color, or design of painting in your home from faux painting to just straight flat paint. We are excited to brighten up or change the look of your house with just the stroke of a brush.

Bathroom Remodels: Quit looking through the Home Décor magazines, dreaming about that bathroom you saw on TV. Let’s build it for you in your house. Allow us to take all those ideas or pictures you have seen of that dream bathroom and put them together as your bathroom in your home. We can take that old bathroom that really needs upgrading and bring it into this generation and usually at costs that will surprise you. 

Patios and Decks: Have you ever wanted that indoor convenience with outdoor living? Well we can give it to you. For that man who is proud of his GRILLE to the lovely lady who would like to sit back and watch her outdoor kitchen at work without the indoor mess. From the outdoor kitchen to the dream deck that you have always imagined, we can build it for you. Don’t just stop with the decks or kitchens, please allow us to “WoW” you with some stone work, stone patios that will tie nicely into your new deck and outdoor kitchen area.

Fences: Why not get that white picket fence that you’ve always wanted to beautify your home or maybe you need that privacy fence to allow freedom for your dogs to run. Speaking of dogs, allow us to build that fence from stucco to where your neighbor’s dog will not chew through it anymore. Whatever kind of fence you would like, we can build it.

Hard Landscaping: Have you ever just wanted an outdoor garden area that is so relaxing and peaceful where you can just enter into another world away from the world of stress? Where you can walk out on that beautiful stone walk way to a hidden patio and sit on a beautiful bench and read your book by a custom designed waterfall built out of the earth’s natural resources. This we can do for you in this beautiful state of Texas underneath that Arbor we built for shade.

Plumbing: There are so many reasons to call us for plumbing. We give you access to licensed plumbers to handle all your needs from a faucet install all the way to installing plumbing throughout your house. One of the biggest benefits is, if there is a need to enter a wall or a floor to repair or install new plumbing then we will not leave you damaged access areas. We have the resources that come along with the highly knowledgeable plumbers. So remember when that drain is not flowing correctly, that toilet won’t flush properly, or you need to install new piping and get rid of the old, we meet all your plumbing needs.

Electrical: Thinking of changing that ceiling fan but it is in the highest ceiling in your house, maybe you should not risk your precious life or limbs and allow us to take care of it for you. Maybe it isn’t a ceiling fan, maybe you are having outlets that continue to go out or that breaker that keeps tripping, allow us to complete a test on your circuits to assure that you are safe in your home. Let’s not stop there; we have master electricians on hand for all your needs ranging from pulling that permit to get that addition completed or re-wiring your entire house to update to the required codes. Remember with electrical, it is nothing you want to “think you know what you are doing”, leave it to the experts.

Foundation: Your foundation is one of the most important dynamics of your house. This is why you should leave it up to a professional. Your house rides on it. We have resources such as a Certified Structural and Civil Engineer, foundation experts, and repair experts. Do not be deceived by just getting a foundation company. Sure there are numerous quality foundation experts but with a part of your house that is as important as your foundation, you should hire us as your General Contractor. We are here for you. We are here to not only repair or build your foundation, but we are here to get that Engineer stamp of approval for you for better house re-sale and a peace of mind. Then, after most foundation companies come and do all their repairs and chop up your house in different areas they leave, not us. We are there to assure that our foundation guys treat your house with minimal damage and then we conduct all repairs needed such as all your drywall repairs and door changes. This is a comfort you will be thankful you hired us for.

Flooring - Carpet: Now it is time to put the finesse to the floors. Allow us to bring over 22 years of carpet install into your home. We have installed shag back from the late 80’s to the new shag of today. We have done commercial carpet install to the comfort fluff in your living rooms. We have completed custom carpet install on stairs to binding that piece of carpet that many installers throw away. That is your hard earned money that we go the extra mile and allow you to save as a throw rug somewhere. We install microfiber pad and products for pets so don’t get rid of that cute pet yet.

Flooring – Tile: Did you know that you can get pretty much any kind of tile that your wonderful imagination can think of. We have installed Travertine and many other stone tile, glass, porcelain, ceramic, and pretty much any other material that is out there. We were the first company in Austin to install the stainless steel tile that you can buy in stores now. We install your tile the correct way with the manufactures directives in mind and will install all tile on appropriate backing such as hardi-board in all areas needed and not drywall. We are also here for minor tile repairs and have access to 100’s of suppliers to allow us to locate that old or rare tile that you are at wits end because you cannot locate it anywhere.

Handy-man Services: Please understand we were not a Pest Control company turned to handyman services. We have over 20 years of construction of designing and building homes. This is what we offer to you to do those “Honey Do Lists”, or to figure out why something is not working properly in your home. We consider ourselves well educated in how to figure problems out, there is no way we got everything right over the past 20 years but we don’t’ make the same mistake twice.  Please allow us to come in and work with you to help fix those things that need to be completed without breaking your budget. Remember, if you are not pressure washing your house every 2 years and maintaining your home then it will fall apart in front of your eyes. Call us to have us get you a bid on a maintenance plan that will save you big dollars in the future.

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